A Few Good Men: Military housing gets SDHW upgrade

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Mechanical Hub friend and contributor, Bob ‘Hot Rod’ Rohr, visits some very unique places in the country, and around the world. As training and education manager for Caleffi North America, his job affords him the opportunity of meeting with contractors, suppliers, engineers and reps as he offers his expertise and knowledge and applies it to his training sessions.


Individual housing units—146 total—received a Caleffi SDHW upgrade.

Recently, Hot Rod spent some time with some of our nation’s finest on a Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The base is undergoing a major remodel and upgrade, and as with most bases, the upgrades include renewable energy additions. “I was housed just below four large windmills on the ridge line above me,” said Rohr.


Each unit features a Caleffi dual line solar pump station with SolarFlex, and a Caleffi SolarCon solar storage tank.

A growing photovoltaic (PV) array behind the Navy Lodge offsets a portion of the electricity generated by diesel powered generators. In addition, a large desalinization plant provides a stored capacity of 10 million gallons.

Hot Rod was invited to give start-up training for solar domestic hot water (DHW) systems for 146 new housing units. In addition, a large well-equipped sports center has a Caleffi array providing 725 gallons of solar DHW stored in a large Lochinvar tank. “Never could I have imagined this situation presenting itself. I’m proud to be part of this exciting project, albeit a small player in the energy provided to our troops as they train an R&R here,” said Rohr.


After a hard day’s work, Hot Rod enjoys a peaceful sunset.


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