5 Safety Tips For Construction Workers

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Construction work can be risky business. No matter if you have had specialist training or have worked in the industry for years, there is always a risk of danger at the workplace. To prevent this, you should take on board safety advice. Whether you work in general contracting services or specialist, you will want to know these five safety tips for yourself and your colleagues whilst at work.

Be up to date with the latest staff training

The world of construction is changing due to a multitude of factors, especially technology. This means that sites and workplaces are constantly changing too. Thus, it is important to always keep up to date with the latest safety training for your role and your workplace. Every construction site and company are different. Thus, you should always ensure you have had the latest training to be as safe as possible at work.

Be aware of signage

Being aware of signs and what they mean is a basic safety tip, no matter what industry you are in. Even as a member of the public you are expected to be aware and cautious of hazard signs and act accordingly. But, within the construction industry, there may be more in-depth and crucial signs to look out for. For instance, if you work on high-rise buildings, then you may need to look out for sudden drops, which will be marked. It is important to understand every sign so that you know what potential dangers could be a threat to you.

Wear the correct gear

Construction gear is not going to provide any protection or use if you don’t wear it. Simply wearing a construction hard hat can stop a falling object from hitting you hard on the head. Ensuring you wear the right gear is essential for your own safety. If you lack the right gear, you need to ensure your company provides you with it. It is within your right to be protected at all times during working hours. 

Always have a cell phone on you 

If you want to hear quick and regular updates from other members of your team, you may find that a cell phone can be a bit too fiddly at times. Some construction workers prefer to have a pager or walkie-talkie so that they can get in touch with other people on site in a speedy manner. You may want to consider Motorola Two-Way Radios to help you communicate in the most effective way. Many construction companies provide their workers with two-way radios because of the reliability and excellent reception of these types of devices. They are especially useful when working in remote areas where phone and internet signal is sparse.

Regularly inspect your equipment

On construction sites dangerous equipment is often used. Although all staff will be trained on how to use them safely and correctly, they can become faulty overtime. This could cause an accident that was not expected to happen. Thus, checking over your equipment regularly to ensure it is in working order will help you stay safe at work when using the tools.

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