3 Types of Vehicles Every Construction Site Needs

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Vehicles are designed for various purposes, which explains why certain types are not built for rugged terrains. While some cars are meant only for city rides and on well-constructed roads, others are for construction sites, while a small percentage are multipurpose. In the US alone, the sale of construction vehicles and equipment is projected to reach 236,825 sale units next year. Below are some construction vehicles and why they’re meant for that purpose.


Known as heavy construction equipment, excavators have roll-on treads instead of rubber tires and are key to every construction site primarily due to their critical functionalities. Besides digging up the earth quickly, they’re equipped with a long bucket arm to lift debris, lay large pipes, or carry any other heavy stuff on the site. The key characteristic of the long bucket arm is its 360-degree rotational capabilities. While attached to a rotational cab, the operator sits within the cabin to maneuver this construction equipment.

A brand new regular-sized excavator is priced from $100k to $500k. Smaller ones can, however, be purchased for $ 80k to $150k. On the other hand, a mid-sized excavator that weighs from 15 to 20 tons may cost from $90k to $200k. On the second-hand market, however, the prices are relatively lower.

Work trucks

Originally, work trucks were designed as a motor vehicle to transport cargo. Ever since the first version was made, each one differs in size, configuration, and performance. Furthermore, with rapid advancement in mechanical and engineering technology, people can now build their customized work trucks to suit several purposes. If you need to tow a work truck, you can make your life easy by using supplies trailers. They are difficult vehicles to move and the task can be much more seamless with the help of a tow trailer.

Some examples of these enhancements are:

  • Headache rack installations
  • Tow bar
  • Bumper upgrades

These work truck modifications come in handy on the construction site because they allow the user to convey specific building materials. Depending on the model you go in for, be ready to pay an average cost ranging from $35k to $70k. 


At construction sites, it’s impossible to build upper floors or even a high roof without a crane’s aid. Additionally, it’ll be impossible to deliver building materials to higher levels without this heavy-duty vehicle. Did you know there are seven different types of cranes? Each one is purposed for varied heights and different functionalities. Especially during the construction of skyscrapers, all types can be found at the site performing different roles.

In other instances where the foundation of a structure is built deep into the ground, the crane is modified to reach those depths. With this modification, it delivers building materials below, especially because an ordinary ladder will be insufficient. A mobile crane is the most popular of the types available, costing between $125 and $525k. The higher the cost, the newer it is.

Finally, a simple web check on the prices of these heavy-duty construction vehicles can be quite surprising. Fortunately, any of these construction vehicles can be rented to cut down on the cost of outright purchase. However, builders usually recommend owning a few while you outsource the rest.

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