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Wrightsoft’s Right-Mobile Consultant™

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Wrightsoft’s Right-Mobile Consultant™


Right-Mobile Consultant™ (RMC) is an easy-to-use, cloud-based HVAC business-building tool that enhances in-home selling with instant pricing and customized presentations.  By simplifying the proposal process, RMC greatly improves in-home presentations by involving homeowners in the proposal process. With RMC, company owners and managers can create and control pricing and automatically pass new pricing to their sales team. The powerful software by Wrightsoft is easily accessed from a browser on most computing devices (desktop, laptop, iPad and other tablets) with internet access.  With an iPad, RMC provides advanced capabilities, easily managed with a large touch screen. Wrightsoft pros have verified that homeowners spend more with contractors who give laptop presentations and perform Manual J load calculations while offering professional proposals. www.wrightsoft.com

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