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Webstone's Hydro-Core Flex

Hydroc Co

Webstone's Hydro-Core Flex


Webstone announces the release of its Hydro-Core Flex – a new expanded lineup of complete near boiler piping kits designed for wall hung boilers with integral pumps. This Hydro-Core Flex represents the latest edition to the revolutionary Hydro-Core, hydronic manifold system.  Each kit includes a Hydro-core Double Ball Drain Manifold and FLEXIBLE Stainless Steel supply/return lines, outfitted with connections for your specific boiler.  Compatible with over 30 different boiler models from 11 different manufacturers.  Shave hours off a boiler installation with expert looking results.  Designed specifically for hydraulic separation, and purging the near boiler piping or secondary circuit loops.  Guaranteed to save you time, space, and leak paths – Hydro-Core is the Core of Any Professional Hydronic Installation. www.webstonevalves.com

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