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    ASHRAE Legionella standard adopted

    Atlanta — With 12 confirmed dead and more than 120 cases of infection due to legionellosis, New York City Council on Thursday adopted legislation that requires adherence to part of ASHRAE’s newly published Legionella standard. (See our related story here: http://mechanical-hub.com/sites/plumbing/2015/08/14/legionella-your-plumbing-systems-silent-killer/) The legislation addresses registration …

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    Epoxy barrier coating could stop Legionella

    A recent Legionnaire’s disease outbreak in New York City has led to 86 people infected and 7 deaths, health officials said. After inspection it was determined that the bacteria causing the disease (Legionella) made their way into five cooling towers. Nu Line epoxy barrier coating …

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    Viega announces water quality seminars

    Wichita, Kan. — Viega is extending its free training course on reducing the risk of microbial growth in commercial plumbing systems in five locations throughout the U.S. The training course is part of Viega’s water quality campaign, a domestic and global initiative aimed at educating …

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    Minimizing Legionella Bacteria in Building Water Systems

    Kemper has Developed an Innovative Solution for Minimizing Legionella Bacteria in Building Water Systems By: Ron George, CPD, President, Plumb-Tech Design & Consulting Services LLC, www.Plumb-TechLLC.com There is a relatively new product on the market that is being sold by Kemper Industries.  It allows a …

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  • Eric Aune 2

    Simple Solution for a Serious Problem

    We just returned from Chicago where ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers) held their biannual conference and trade show.  This year ASPE celebrated their 50th anniversary with a great turnout of members and attendees for the four day conference. We exhibited for the first time …

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    ASPE’s Smith appointed to ASHRAE SPC 188

    Chicago — William M. Smith, FASPE, Senior Director of Technical & Regulatory Affairs for the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE), was recently appointed to ASHRAE SPC 188, Minimizing the Risk of Legionellosis Associated With Building Water Systems as the Primary Organizational Representative for ASPE …

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  • Jm Picx

    Waxing Axl Rose prophetic: Where do we go now? Where efficiency meets public health

    In late April, leaders from the plumbing industry gathered in Washington, D.C. for the Plumbing Industry Leaders Coalition (PILC). Every year the group gets together to chart progressive action for the industry: Legionella standards, skilled worker shortage, dry drains research, U.S. water strategy, etc. The …

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