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Taco Announces 6+1 Promotion

TACO 6Plus1

Taco Announces 6+1 Promotion

In plenty of time to get ready for heating season, Taco announces a great deal on residential hydronic components.  The 6+1 promotion, which runs from August 15 to October 30, is designed to cut costs for installers looking to get a jump on the cold weather while upgrading the performance and safety of any system..

For every six 3-Speed Circulators and/or Zone Sentry Zone Valves purchased, installer buyers will receive one free Taco 4900 Air Separator or Taco Low Water Cutoff.

Purchases can be made in any combination of six to qualify. The free product will be supplied by the wholesaler at the time of sale.  

For more information, visit www.Taco-hvac.com.

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