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Powers ASSE 1070-listed lavatory mixing valves

LFE480 10 375 Angle

Powers ASSE 1070-listed lavatory mixing valves

LFE480-10_375_anglePowers has unveiled a line of ASSE/cUPC-listed point-of-use water mixing valves that meet ASSE 1070 performance requirements and provide temperature control to as low as 0.25-gallon-per-minute (gpm) flow.

The lead free HydroGuard® LFG480 lavatory mixing valve and its higher-flow counterpart, the LFE480, are available in 3/8-inch compression, 3/8-inch quick-connect and ½-inch NPT connections in rough bronze or chrome-plated finishes.

Other noteworthy features include a lockable temperature-adjustment mechanism for resistance to vandalism, integral check valves to prevent cross flow and inlet screens to filter out debris.

For more information, visit powerscontrols.com.

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