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ISH Exclusive: Viega gas meter connection fittings

IMG 1582 2

ISH Exclusive: Viega gas meter connection fittings

IMG_1582 2Viega is much more than press and PEX fittings and tubing here. On display were gas meter connection fittings (pictured). Radiator connection fittings and more. Here is Europe the plumber installs the gas meter and makes all the gas connections. This is also done inside the mechanical room where in the US it would typically be installed by the gas company and is located outside. Interesting. — Eric Aune



  1. Don Schwieters
    Don Schwieters03-21-2017

    Comment want to learn about E pumps.

    • Mechanical Hub Team
      Mechanical Hub Team03-22-2017

      What in particular. Or is there a particular brand?

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