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Bosch Bluetooth GLM 50 C laser measure

Bosch Laser Measure2

Bosch Bluetooth GLM 50 C laser measure

Bosch laser measure2When it comes to laser measures, the display is as important as the technology that captures the distance from point A to point B. The Bosch GLM 50 C offers a backlit color display with large numbers to easily see measurements, and full-word function description to provide simplicity when using its array of features..

In addition to screen enhancements, the GLM 50 C offers Bluetooth® functionality. Users can digitally transfer measurements to a smartphone or tablet and easily organize, document and transfer information using free Bosch apps (measure & document and FloorPlan).

The laser measure is extremely precise with accuracy of 1/16″. Overall range is 165 ft. The GLM 50 C includes the option to toggle between length, area, volume, indirect measurements and other functions. Three indirect measurement modes are offered along with a built-in inclinometer that determines the angle of pitch and when the tool is level, allowing for even faster measurements.

Bosch laser measure1Like all Bosch laser measures, default real-time measurement allows the user to activate the laser and watch the measurements move in relation to the target. But the GLM 50 C also includes stakeout measurement that pinpoints recurring marks along a line, e.g. every six inches.

In addition to large lettering and the color display, backlighting allows users to see information in dark areas with better resolution, so applications in low-light or no-light conditions can still be accomplished.

Bosch laser measures offer a handy pocket-size design that makes them easy to use anywhere. The squared shape plays a role in overall functionality by ensuring the unit can measure in any direction from a flat surface.

Bosch GLM 50 C is powered by two AAA batteries that supply enough power for more than 10,000 measurements. The unit also comes with target cards, a hand strap and a pouch.

To learn more about the GLM 50 C or to find a local dealer, visit www.boschtools.com

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