Top Tools of 2016: #10

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Taking a look back on 2016 – the new tools & old favorites. My #10 favorite this year would have be the M18 FUEL One-Key recip saw.

The One-Key system is a mesh of software and hardware working together to make our jobs easier by wirelessly connecting to a smart phone to customize, track and manage a tool’s performance and location. One-Key offers up some killer application settings for the sawzall that will definitely change how you think about one of the most violent and powerful tools we use daily.

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-9-28-41-amOne cool feature is “Triggered Ramp Up” which controls how fast the saw goes from a standstill to the cutting speed you’ve selected when you pull the trigger all the way. This allows you to start a cut in a more controlled manner. It takes a few cuts to reprogram you brain into realizing the slow start is normal and oh so useful. No more skating blades.

Speed control, speed control and speed control. This program setting gets you dialed in to the proper blade speed that best matches the material you’re cutting. This is more important than you might think because its specifically intended to lengthen your blade life. Good blades aren’t cheap. Period. This function is legit.

Eric Aune Mechanical HubThe third customizable parameter is the Cut Brake. This one also changes the way you use the saw because it allows you to run thru the end of a cut at full blade speed. No throttling needed and that’s sweet, bro. The tool senses  when you break through the cut and automatically stops the blade even if you are still squeezing the trigger. You’ll like this when working in tight spots and around easily damaged materials.

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