Looking Forward

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Looking back, or should I be looking forward?

  • 19 Cities.
  • 47,321 miles in the air.
  • 6 new tool shows.
  • 4 industry trade shows.
  • 4.3 miles of 1/2 “ radiant tubing installed.
  • 12 condensing boilers.
  • 7 cast iron boilers.
  • 3 electric boilers.
  • 11 tankless water heaters.
  • 6 indirect water heaters.
  • 21 no-heat calls
  • 36 YouTube videos
  • Countless IG & FB posts

I just boarded my flight to Mexico for a Aune family vacation as I type this. While 2018 comes to a close I cannot help but to look back at all the craziness that comes my way as partner owner of The Hub and owner/operator of Aune Plumbing.

The balancing act of running a small one-man plumbing & heating shop while helping grow the MH brand can be daunting some days. I would be lying if I said I could do it all alone. While I take over 100K MH friends along with me into countless mechanical rooms and to multiple trade shows and private events for our social media channels, the busy work of business is getting done by the team of true professionals and friends working mostly behind the scenes.

The Team

John Mesenbrink, partner owner of MH, and close friend can often be found interviewing contractors from literally all over North America. If he’s not working on the next feature article John is likely traveling as well. Divide and conquer is the only way the two of us could possibly manage to be at every major event, show, ribbon cutting, training center opening, symposium, foundry or factory tour.

Tim Ward (sales & marketing) has been a longtime friend and partner to both John and I. Tim has directed so many trade show videos for The Hub I can’t even count. When he’s not planning the next video shoot or contest Tim is in his home office in Champainge, IL working with all our partners of industry on the next collaboration.

None of what I do would be possible without the support and often needed direction of my wife Heather. From an advisory standpoint, she keeps me on track and focused on the endgame always. Her day job is crazy. As an administrator for the Boys and Girls Club in our town she oversees and directs the finances and staff for three clubs. If that wasn’t enough work Heather teams up with John’s wife Monica to handle all of The Hub’s finances.

Thank You!

Last, but definitely not least, I look back on all the awesome conversations, pictures and videos shared from everyone of you that follow us and share your own experiences. Whether you’re following along on one of our trips or just me as I break thru the 120+ year old stairs into a client’s basement [that happened two weeks ago, lol], from all of us at The Hub I extend a huge thank you. Here’s to an adventurous 2019 and beyond!

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