Tool Organization Continued: Kaizen 57mm Insert, Dewalt Pro Organizer

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Just a couple weeks ago I shared two videos of a new (to us) product by Kaizen Foam Inserts but I’ve completed another and I’ve included a short video here to show the basic steps of how these inserts and the process of installing them plays out. You can check those videos out on our Instagram account or by clicking this link: Custom Tool Box Inserts by Kaizen.

I’ve had the Dewalt 20v Max compact impact driver for a while now, its a great tool. Super fast, plenty of power for any 1/4″ hex type of task and has decent battery capacity. I like to use the 20v Max around the shop for various projects and for use in my hobby wood shop; the problem is I have a omnipresent hatred for “stock” tool cases that always has me wanting for more. More organization, a better layout that I actually like and a box that matches my other boxes etc.

For this particular review I selected the Dewalt Deep Pro Organizer #DWST14825 for my new tool case. The corresponding Kaizen Foam Insert I chose is the 57mm [2-1/4″] depth black insert custom cut for this exact box. The inserts are available on; click the “shop your tool box” tab on the left-side menu to select an insert for the box you’re working with.

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The ordering process is simple; really the only choices you have to make are box type [by model#], color and depth. Since this box was going to organize my impact I chose the deeper foam insert to better secure the driver and batteries. I have found with the three boxes I’ve done to date that the thicker the foam the more secure overall for heavier, more bulky items like tools.

The installation for the Deep Pro Organizer was effortless when compared to my first box from another manufacturer (see video link above). No cutting of the box is necessary and, like my first two inserts from Kaizen the fit was perfect. The foam is cnc formed to fit each style of box they currently offer in their online store.

The foam is made up of laminated layers, once you decide on a layout of the items going in your box you’ll cut the foam thru multiple layers to the depth needed. By simply digging one or two fingers into the cut you’ve made you’ll “plow” thru the foam to remove the portion outline by your cut. Once you’ve got the foam out of the way you can test how well the item fit and make adjustments as needed. The whole process for this exact box took me about 15-20 minutes. At least 5 minutes of that time was spent re-positioning everything until I had it just the way I wanted it. There are also a couple helpful videos on Kaizen’s website showing the process, I’ve included a simple slideshow here of how I completed the box.

Overall I am impressed with this super simple yet useful product. The cost ranges anywhere from about $10-25 depending on the thickness of the insert and the box your ordering for. I would definitely recommend purchasing the very helpful long-nosed marker from Brian at Kaizen for the listed price of $5.50, its totally worth the extra buy and you’ll get multiple uses out of it….If you’re anything like me you’re gonna need it for your next box soon. And then your third and fourth and fifth…Ugh, eventually I’ll have all my tools organized, right?!

As always I thank you for your time and hope you found this information useful. If you don’t already know we’ve got a team of industry pro’s all across North America working together as the ProStaff. Our ProStaff will be providing job site tested feedback on tools and products we all use as they hit the market. We are also offering a tool/product for free each month for all those entered in our sweepstakes. You can enter the sweepstakes by clicking the ProStaff graphic below.

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