M18 Table Saw: First Look

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I had some projects going in the shop late last night and I was able to give the new M18 table saw a good try . Milwaukee M18 table saw on table top

I ripped 94’-6 1/8” of 2X Pine and Doug Fir. I know it’s not hardwood but it’s wet wood and the fully charged HD 12.0ah battery and saw did a great job, only stopping short of finishing the work by about 15”. I’m using the factory supplied 24T framing blade .

It’s amazing what you can do without a cord. I like the saw, it’s compact and easy to carry. Only thing I need to get used to is locking the fence after adjustment, the locking lever is below the table and out of the way because its not locking the fence itself but the rails. Not a problem, just not something I’m not used to.

I don’t own the Dewalt 60V saw to compare. The dust collection on the M18 won’t blow you away, it’s not terrible but you’ll need to vac it out pretty well on the underside before transporting if leaving a mess is an issue.

So far I’m not a fan of the stand (accessory) for the M18 and I’ve already ditched it, setting the saw on either my tabletop or…(see last pic????????).

Over 94' of wood cut on table saw

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