MegaPress XL Fittings a Benefit to Repair Job

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MegaPress XL fittings have started to be installed throughout the country as contractors discover the benefits of having carbon steel press fittings up to 4″ in diameter. The first installation in the United States took place at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver last November.

The XL products were installed as part of an update and repair at the school, which offers degrees in divinity, theological studies, pastoral and spiritual care and more. Though just a handful of MegaPress XL fittings were needed, it still marked a milestone as one of the first installations of XL in North America.

A crew from Braconier Mechanical and Plumbing Services removed an old pump and reconfigured the system for the replacement air-cooled chiller on the roof of the building. New air handlers were installed in the attic. The aging building, sections of which are more than 100 years old, had many parts of the mechanical system that needed to be replaced.

Because part of the installation was located in the ceiling of a main hallway, using Viega products made sense so as to shorten the repair time and make conditions safer for staff and students, without having to close down the area for welding.

Braconier has been a big user of Viega products for years, so the crew was interested in installing the MegaPress XL fittings and to give the MegaPress XL PressBooster a whirl. The PressBooster is an extension for the 300 series RIDGID ® tools to press larger-diameter fittings.

“This is new technology. To stay competitive in the industry we have to grab a hold and run with it,” said Braconier foreman Paul Swango.

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