Tool Review

Until now pipe threading with a battery-powered tool was limited to handheld machines, just one step away from their manual predecessors. While extremely useful and massively powerful, powered handheld threaders are best suited for repairs, small jobs and threading in-place. Production threading for electrical, plumbing, heating or gas piping demands heavier tools however, tools that Read more Milwaukee has added to the FORCE Logic family with the addition of the M18 Press Tool w/ ONE-Key 2922-20. The standard size press tool is available now as a kit and bare tool. The M18 FORCE Logic press tool w/ ONE-Key is compatible with over 20 fitting systems. Typically called a “ProPress” tool [a Read more

Hauling out old, leaking and dirty tank water heaters can be a messy job. I’ve covered walkways with drop cloths, tarps or plastic in attempt to contain the dripping water, soot or rust and still have had carpets get soiled; not since we started using the “body bag” heater hauler. It’s a giant duffel with Read more

I had some projects going in the shop late last night and I was able to give the new M18 table saw a good try . I ripped 94’-6 1/8” of 2X Pine and Doug Fir. I know it’s not hardwood but it’s wet wood and the fully charged HD 12.0ah battery and saw did Read more

Milwaukee put on another stellar show this year at the annual New Tool Symposium [NPS18], here’s just one of the newest products they’re bringing to market later this year. Read more