It seems like everything we buy today is temporary; like everything is just replaceable. Even some houses, or at least parts of houses. I’m not just talking about the TV on the wall or the appliances that seem to only last 5-10 years at most. Unfortunately our parents were likely the last to own a Read More

St. Pauls, N.C.—Recently, members of the trade press were greeted by Watts Water Technologies executives for an exclusive tour of the company’s new Watts Works Learning Center. At the new, 3,000-sq.-ft. learning center, customers, channel partners, sales representatives, employees and other visitors can obtain hands-on and classroom training for a wide range of Watts products Read More

While PEX has been used for more than 40 years in radiant heating applications, it’s now getting more traction in commercial hydronic heating and cooling applications as well. Contractors and engineers are beginning to spec and install PEX for distribution piping to various terminal units, such as fan coils, reheat coils, heat pumps, baseboard radiators Read More

https://youtu.be/DC9_nOtt0qc Mechanical Hub ProStaff team member Andy Mickelson chats with Malcolm McDuff about the Cross Hydronic Manifold system. It is a plug and play installation for radiant & hydronic applications; a complete manifold system with ball valves, temp gauges, bleed valves, fittings, control and power supply. The manifolds are available in 5 circuit configurations — Read More

MrPEX®  Composite Radiant Manifold is made from a durable high performance glass filled plastic designed to withstand high temperature and pressure. The manifold exceeds the oxygen diffusion standard NID 4726 and is completely corrosion resistant. The manifold comes partially assembled as a complete kit. Kit Includes: A complete supply body with positive shut-off balancing flow-meters, thermometer Read More