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EDC knives on the job site come in all shapes and sizes. The QUICKDRAW retractable folding dual-use knives are new to me, I first found about them at a tool trade sow in Georgia late last year and had to get my hands on them.

I’ve had these knives for a week or so and have just started to use them but here’s a quick look at some of the features built in to the QuickDraw standard and XLR model utility knives.

The longer XLR also has a longer blade than the standard model. I like the feel of it more than a traditional utility knife because the blade is about an inch farther away from my fingers and there is a finger grip indent along the extended blade housing giving me a little more control.

Both have a very aggressive grip molded into the composite handle. That’s great for working with gloves or cold hands. Each have the push button “QuickDraw” action for deploying/extending the knife. One really cool feature is you’re able to operate the knife while folded for more precise cuts when needed. The safety lock does not allow for accidental blade extension when removing it from a pocket etc. nice work, QuickDraw.

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