When buying new construction materials or renovating an existing structure, there are many factors to consider before the first nail is struck. How will your home stand up to the weather? What type of insulation is right for you? Which roofing material is best? These questions can make the construction process seem overwhelming, but it Read more

When building outdoors, exposure to the elements causes wood to expand and contract allowing rain, snow, and moisture to come into direct contact with the fasteners that hold the project together. That is why it is important to choose a screw that can withstand this exposure and last for the life of the project. Here Read more

Engineered for optimum performance in multiple materials, Power Pro One® screws are the One screw you’ll ever need. Developed to outperform and replace standard wood, sheet metal, and concrete/masonry screws, the One Screw multi-material fastener simplifies your toolbox by using a single, innovative, engineered screw design to complete projects that fasten into wood, metal, concrete, drywall Read more