Power Pro One Multi-Material Screw by Hillman

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Engineered for optimum performance in multiple materials, Power Pro One® screws are the One screw you’ll ever need. Developed to outperform and replace standard wood, sheet metal, and concrete/masonry screws, the One Screw multi-material fastener simplifies your toolbox by using a single, innovative, engineered screw design to complete projects that fasten into wood, metal, concrete, drywall, and plastic. The bronze epoxy coating is recommended for exterior projects and treated lumber.

The flat head design and star drive provide easy and clean countersinking into wood. Manufactured with spiral flutes, serrated hi-lo threads, and a 3-sided pyramid point, no pre-drilling is required in wood, drywall, plastic, or metal up to 20 gauge thick. Concrete and masonry applications require a pre-drilled hole, see product packaging for pre-drilling instructions. Each package includes a free durable Pro-Stik® Star Driver Bit. All One Screw products offer a limited lifetime warranty.

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