Power Pro Premium Exterior Wood Screw

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When building outdoors, exposure to the elements causes wood to expand and contract allowing rain, snow, and moisture to come into direct contact with the fasteners that hold the project together. That is why it is important to choose a screw that can withstand this exposure and last for the life of the project. Here are some things to consider when selecting screws for your next outdoor build.

The type of wood can dictate what fasteners you use. The chemicals added to pressure-treated lumber to increase its longevity are the same ones that can hasten the corrosion of the screws. Power Pro combats erosion with multiple layers of zinc and epoxy coatings that protect the entirety of the Premium Exterior Wood Screw.

  • Recommended for exterior wood projects and treated lumber
  • Conforms to ASTM B117 and ASTM G85 (ESL-1284)
  • Exceeds 1,000-hour salt spray test under ASTM B117

Redwoods and Cedar are aesthetically pleasing and have high levels of tannins that provide a natural resistance to decay. The big drawback is that once the surface has been penetrated, the tannins become active and can result in what is called extractive bleeding, or a discoloration surrounding the fasteners.

To prevent this unsightly occurrence and to achieve the best results, Power Pro recommends using stainless steel screws because they greatly reduce the risk of staining and offer a higher level of corrosion resistance than coated screws. Power Pro only uses a grade 305 stainless steel coating that offers longer lasting protection.

All Power Pro Exterior Screws feature:

  • No-strip Star Drive – Resists stripping and cam-outs
  • Countersinking Blades – Clears out wood fibers to create a solid seal
  • No-split Twist Shank – Enlarges the screw hole to reduce fiction and prevent splitting
  • No pre-drill Bore-fast™ Thread – Drives faster with no pre-drilling
  • Bronze Epoxy Coating – High corrosion resistance

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