Kim Bliss

If you’re a plumbing and heating contractor who has been told by your distributor that all PEX F1960 expansion fittings are the same, be forewarned. That is simply not true. And the differences in low-quality F1960 fittings can come with considerable risk to your installations and your reputation. Pioneered by Uponor in 2000 through the Read more

Speed and accuracy are the name of the game when it comes to a successful piping installation and a thriving business. Whether you’re installing potable plumbing or hydronic piping, the faster and more precise the job, the more time and money you potentially have to work on other projects. While there are hundreds of tips Read more

With energy-efficiency and water conservation at top of mind for savvy consumers and forward-thinking homebuilders, it is important for plumbing installers to have a piping solution that meets energy codes but can also install quickly and effectively. Enter pre-insulated PEX pipe. With PEX pipe now installed in more new-home construction than copper and CPVC combined Read more

With plumbing hygiene becoming a bigger concern in our industry, installers and building owners are looking to innovations that will ensure both efficiencies and reduced liability for their domestic water systems. For these commercial plumbing applications, professionals are starting to turn to pre-sleeved PEX in the slab. It’s an innovative solution that offers several benefits Read more

While PEX has been used for more than 40 years in radiant heating applications, it’s now getting more traction in commercial hydronic heating and cooling applications as well. Contractors and engineers are beginning to spec and install PEX for distribution piping to various terminal units, such as fan coils, reheat coils, heat pumps, baseboard radiators Read more