Building Trades

Let’s have a chat about a topic as hefty as a builder’s breakfast – keeping customer relations shipshape in the construction industry. It’s something that is not always easy to achieve, but something that is also extremely vital to the continued success of any builder. So, without further ado… Knock, Knock – Communication’s Key One Read more

Beginning a contracting business is an endeavor that has the potential to be both exciting and profitable; nevertheless, it does take careful preparation and thought. In addition to selecting the appropriate location, other important considerations include locating dependable suppliers and recruiting experienced employees. It is essential to have a solid understanding of the costs involved Read more

Today, many people aspire to start a career in the IT field. Such specialists are in great demand, and also receive high wages. Thus, even children from an early age understand where they need to strive to build a profitable career. However, not every person is born to work in the office at the computer Read more

There comes a point when you run a building trades company, that you will hit a plateau. You may feel as though you have tried just about everything to get ahead of your competition, but now you are finding it super difficult to generate leads and you have no idea what to do about it Read more

Technology has undoubtedly transformed the way that the construction industry works. New machinery is fitted with advanced diagnostics systems that can be plugged into a computer and immediately tell you which part needs replacing. Social media has opened up new avenues for marketing and connecting with potential clients. Some companies are even using drones to Read more