Support Your Customers Better With These Online Solutions

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Contractors and other professionals in the plumbing, heating, and mechanical industry are the first to admit that their role is very much hands-on. Digital solutions are important, but they are often perceived as a nice thing to have rather than a priority. Understandably, clients expect their plumbing or heating specialists to bring their tools and get the job done. 

However, there is a lot to be said for using appropriate digital solutions that can bring your customers closer. In fact, some of the most popular tools that you can find in the digital marketing sector have proven themselves indispensable in the mechanical trade. Here are 3 reasons why you need to up your digital game. 

Keep your team organized

The last thing you want is to lose an impatient client. People can reach out to your business for a quote or a query. They expect a quick response. However, sometimes, mishaps happen. Someone took their phone call and wrote down a post-it note. They stuck it to your desk, but by the time you arrived, it was hidden under a pile of other documents, or it’s accidentally be flown to the gap between the desk and the wall, where you’re likely to discover it in a few years. Frustrating, but it’s avoidable if you use digital tools rather than pen and paper. You can use Evernote or even Trello board to organize queries. An online to-do list can even let you allocate tasks to your team so you get an expert to call your client back asap. 

Identify loyal customers

In y our sector, a loyal customer is a gem you want to nurture. As a plumber, you know that a client who’s satisfied with their bathroom remodel is more likely to get in touch when they consider adding a second bathroom to their home. Now imagine your client is a landlord. It is expected they will rely on your services for the bathrooms in all their properties, creating a string of recurring transactions. You could even implement a plumbing service where tenants can directly get in touch. Rather than preparing a bill every month, you can automate payments for simple services. 

You can pair your billing system with a CRM solution to keep an overview of each client’s interactions, transactions, and requirements. This has been a game-changer for client management for years. 

Answer queries in real-time

In your industry, there are emergency calls and casual late-night queries. Yet, those are two different things. Emergency calls need an immediate response. On the other hand, a client who’s comparing offers and services online may be browsing y our website outside of your office hours. They want clarification, yet as it’s not an emergency, you may be reluctant to intervene. Automated chat bots have proven extremely helpful in tackling those situations. They can direct visitors to the relevant content, register their queries and contact data, and guide them through the decision process. A chat bot is an expert when you’re not available. 

An online presence is a no-brainer for any business. But as a professional contractor, your online presence can be a strength to support your customers. It enables your business to go above and beyond, managing customer relationships effortlessly, whether you are on-site or off-site. 

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