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Based on survey responses, the report covers how text messaging is being used in business communications today, predicts where the market is heading in the next 12 months, and explores what challenges and opportunities this creates for businesses. 70% of people say texting is the fastest way to reach them. That’s just one of the Read more

Is your construction business doing well? Could it be doing better? If it can be, you might be considering growing your construction business. Not only will this take you to new heights, but you’ll see more and more revenue come in over time. That leads to more profits for your company, a lot of which Read more

As a contracting business owner, growing your client list is essential for the success and sustainability of your company. The following seven effective strategies can help you maximize your client base and expand your reach in the industry. By implementing these time-tested techniques, you can attract more homeowners, establish your reputation, and position your business Read more

The plumbing and HVAC company has used the format to promote topics within the skilled trades industry and tackle customer and employee concerns regarding home service  When Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air, a plumbing and HVAC company serving residential and commercial locations in California and Arizona, launched its HeroTalk podcast in May of 2022, it hoped the format would Read more

Business texting is a convenient way to reach customers, so you can complete projects and get paid faster. Texts are sent and received within seconds, making them the preferred method of communication for customers to schedule services and receive updates. The quicker you can coordinate with customers, the more you’ll boost your contractor business’s reputation Read more