Review: Milwaukee CHEATER Pipe Wrench

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Here’s a quick look at the Milwaukee Tool Cheater pipe wrench 48-22-7314.

When I first got my hands on the Cheater wrench I was blown away by its simplicity. I thought “Why hadn’t someone thought of this decades ago?!”

This wrench had the potential to replace my traditional, fixed-length wrenches but it’s not there just yet. Milwaukee is pushing the fact that this wrench takes the place of three wrenches but I’m not yet convinced. To me it’s either a short, medium length or too long of a wrench for 1/2″-1″ pipe sizes.

I’d prefer some modification to the handle to increase grip and control. With some improvement I’d be more inclined to use it up high or overhead. Check out a related Instagram post for more thoughts and comments by many of my followers.

If you look close you’ll see some chipped paint on the wrench head. I’m not sure if this is epoxy or powder coat but it’s chipped in about ten spots, rust will form there no doubt. I’ve had this wrench since June/July ’16. It’s been used weekly at least. I should have included this in the video: This wrench retails for $99. That’s a bit high in my opinion. I get why the pricing is set there, marketing it as a 3-n-1 but it doesn’t truly replace three wrenches and therefor I’d say the current price is upwards of $30 too high. Just my opinion. Please click the video below for a look.


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