Review: ISOtunes PRO Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

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IMG_5770I’ve had the new ISOtunes PRO noise cancelling earbuds for a couple weeks, now I’ve been testing them in the shop at home and also on a handful of job sites.

I had been wearing the Plugfones, you might remember my review from earlier this year. Those are nice, they work well but the charging hardware is cumbersome, clunky and slow. Runtime [about 2.5 hours] is short with the Plugfones but effectiveness, range and comfort was okay to good.

The ISOtunes Pro model has a 27 NRR (noise reduction rating) which makes them OSHA compliant. The sound quality is actually amazing for an earbud. The base kicks. Purple Lamborghini AND Sabotage sound awesome on these and I can switch right over to some Eric Church to wind down the day with awesome guitar and vocals.

Runtime: 10hrs talk time, 6-7 hours music
Ratings: IPX4 sweatproof & splashproof, 27NRR
Comfort: Excellent and they don’t fall off or out no matter what I’m doing.
Charging: Mini USB, 2+ hours from dead.
Fit: Good to excellent, multiple size foam ear tips included for proper fit. Hook around top/back of ear is flexible and easily shaped to fit.
Phone calls: Takes some getting used to but callers say they can hear me fine.
Connectivity: Super fast and seamless with my iPhone 7+

One note on the Bluetooth connectivity, the range seems acceptable. if you need to charge your phone or device while connected you will only get about 30′ range and will likely disconnect if you leave the space/room.
These were provided free for testing directly from ISOtunesaudio to me, I did not buy these and was not paid to share this info. I would recommend these to friends who are looking for comfortable Bluetooth, noise-cancelling ear buds. Price: $89 direct from ISOtunes website.

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