Maximize Project Efficiencies with Uponor BIM Services and Laser Scanning

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Uponor BIM Services is the best way to deliver high-quality models to optimize efficiencies in your construction projects. Partnering with the knowledgeable professionals of Uponor BIM Services provides your projects with expert modeling and coordination, laser scanning, BIM coordination management, BIM training for your staff, onsite collaboration, template development, and workflow optimization.

This U.S.-based team has in-depth understanding of U.S. codes and standards as well as direct experience with U.S. construction methods. Services are available for numerous applications, including domestic water; drain, waste, and vent; gas; medical gas; ductwork; refrigerant systems; and heating hot water and chilled water applications. Additionally, the team can work with all material types and connections for PEX, PP-RCT, CPVC, carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, and cast iron.

For modeling and coordination, Uponor BIM Services provides hanger layouts and structural supports, spooling and fabrication detailing, and shop, install, and as-built drawings. They also provide laser scanning services, including scanning of existing buildings for renovation, scanning completed projects for documentation, and scan-to-BIM services.

Incorporating laser scanning captures extraordinary detail of 3D spaces to measure areas with greater precision. This allows you to identify issues early on to maximize efficiencies and minimize waste. For example, you can leverage the 3D models from a laser scan to validate details from the onset of design to improve overall project execution and collaboration. This leads to reduced design errors, which result in higher design accuracy that saves money and time by reducing rework and change orders.

From there, benefits multiply during construction as higher-quality designs increase job-site productivity.​ Specifically, well-coordinated designs lead to improved job costing through accurate quantities and estimates, resulting in reduced waste. This saves your project money, resources, and time.

Finally, site logistics can be more precise by leveraging accurate models to create model-based schedules or sequences. Look-ahead plans, work-in-progress models, materials planning, equipment and rigging locations, site traffic patterns and controls, and even location-based schedules can be derived from well-coordinated 3D models to optimize daily job-site activities.

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