FLEXVOLT High Efficiency Accessories™

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DEWALT® announces FLEXVOLT High Efficiency Accessories™ that are Engineered to Maximize Runtime™. The new line is optimized for use with cordless power tools and is engineered to deliver more cuts or holes per charge than standard DEWALT accessories. The new accessories also provide long life in tough applications with corded and cordless tools. The 44 new FLEXVOLT™ accessories include small and large diameter circular saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, hole saws, and abrasives.
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New saw blades includes 7-1/4” circular saw blades, 8-1/4” table saw blades, and 12” miter saw blades. They offer more cuts per charge* and feature a thin kerf design with optimized grind angles to maximize efficiency. The carbide tips are ground on the sides, top, and face while the face shear, hook angle, and kerf minimize the chip load. The submicron-grade carbide tips provide long life.


The new DEWALT reciprocating saw blades offer more cuts per charge*. Metal cutting reciprocating saw blades feature a 14/18 TPI tooth design, while wood cutting blades feature a variable 4/6 TPI tooth design. Both designs provide fast cuts and quick removal of material. Each blade features a TOUGHCOAT™ finish to help reduce heat buildup and maintain sharpness through the life of the blade. To keep all cutting teeth engaged and to help prevent breakage, blades include a full height high speed steel strip.
The new range of carbide wood cutting hole saws, which are offered both individually in 1-3/8 to 6-1/4 inch sizes and as a set, efficiently cut holes in wood and provide more holes per charge**. The thin kerf design limits chip load while the self-feed pilot bit provides fast drilling speed, helping to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency.
The new DEWALT abrasives remove more material per charge***. Specifically, cutting wheels use high concentration ceramic grain for maximum density of cutting edges per wheel. These thin wheels are designed to limit load and heat while the ceramic grain stayssharp through the life of each wheel. The range also includes grinding wheels and flap discs with the same ceramic grains and high density formulations.

Available where DEWALT products are sold, find DEWALT FLEXVOLT™ Accessories in fall of 2016.

*More cuts per charge
-7-1/4” Circular Saw Blades – DWAFV3724 on average vs. DW3178 in double-stacked ¾” AC-grade plywood
-8-1/4” Table Saw Blades – DWAFV3824 on average vs. DW3182 in pine 2×10
-12” Miter Saw Blades – DWAFV31260 on average vs. DW3126 in pine 2×10
-Metal Recip Blades – DWAFV461418 on average vs. DW4811 in no. 5/8” rebar
-Wood Recip Blades – DWAFV466 on average vs. DW4802 in double-stacked ¾” x 10” particle board

**More holes per charge
-Hole Saws (based on 2-9/16” hole saw) – DWAFV02916 on average vs. D180041 in pine 2×10

***More material removed per charge
-Abrasive Grinding Wheels – DWAFV84514 on average vs. DW4514 in ¼” C1018 steel plate
-Abrasive Flap Discs – DWAFV84540 on average vs. DWA8206 in ¼” Inconnel plate

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