First Look: ADEY MagnaCleanse

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As we work out our first few installs of the the ADEY MagnaCleanse I wanted to share a few quick videos ProStaff’er Andy Mickelson has posted on his Instagram account. Andy has a older radiant system he’s been working on in Montana that has thousands of feet of Onyx tubing and some major corrosion with a terrible buildup of iron oxide within the heating solution.

The ADEY products; the MagnaClean magnetic filter, MagnaCleanse magnetic filter flush station and chemicals all work together to filter an entire hydronic system of efficiency-robbing elements. The magnetic sludge, as you’ll see in the short 60 second video posts can cause failure of system components such as circulators, valves, air eliminators and flow controls; depending on the type of heat-exchanger used at the heat source the debris can even cause total failure from restricted flow and over-heating. Please watch for future posts here on The Hub and our social media pages as I will be installing and using the ADEY products on some of my installs as well.


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