Expect More Productivity, Efficiency with Hilti Firestop Cast-In Device

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Unlike traditional methods, Hilti’s CFS-CID Cast-in device for metal deck makes creating an opening to run pipes easier. Users can lose the torch, firewatch and extra steps. You simply place the device on a flat platform, pour the concrete, and cut deck. This simple solution helps increase the speed of installation with mechanical contractors, creating up to three times as many penetrations as with existing methods. The cast-in device will help minimize the number of incorrect installations, as well as project delays stemming from firestopping. Because the CFS-CID MD requires the installer to cut the deck after the concrete cures, the product helps reduce the risk of structural integrity damage. With the new Hilti cast-in for metal deck, creating an opening to run pipe and conduits is now simpler than ever. The product helps eliminate the need for a torch, fire watch, and extra steps.

This new process provides high-quality and comprehensive benefits to contractors and engineers. It aims to create penetrations in metal deck composite floors for a variety of plumbing and mechanical systems.

By using Hilti’s CFS-CID MD system for penetrations:

  • Productivity and efficiency of contractors can increase because the installation process from start to finish is improved and simplified.
  • The system helps to plan layout and sleeve management for penetrations. This reduces the required coordination between trades and helps minimize errors on the job site.
  • During the construction phase, additional reinforcements may not be necessary to support the steel deck as a form since the steel deck is left intact until the concrete is poured and hardened.
  • Reinforcement for super imposed loads can be planned and laid out between sleeves.
  • Using this system for penetrations can provide more structural integrity in the composite floor deck compared to boxing-out conditions (like sleeves).
  • The fire resistance rating of the floor is maintained for up to three hours according to Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual.
  • Firestop installation is performed early in the process, which helps preserve the quality and helping to ensure its proper functioning.

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