Top Tools of 2016: #8

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My #8 pick for Best Tools of 2016 is “The Original CleanBoot”. Its a neoprene boot cover made to last multiple uses. Other shoe covers can be flimsy, almost dangerously slippery or only made for one use per pair. The Original CleanBoot covers address all of that. These covers go on easily, I wear a size 11.5 work boot, the cover that fits for me is size large.

They have a loop at the heel to assist slipping them over your boot. The heel seam is reinforced for additional protection against wear and tear. They have a “Extra Grippy” sole for better traction on finished flooring such as carpet, hardwood & tile.

Strengthened stitching & glued seams allow for a super durable construction throughout the overshoe. These things are well made and have performed well for me, I’ve been using the same pair for a month. I’ve easily worn them over two dozen times already with no sign of failure on any part.

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