Triangle Tube: Committed to the Trades

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This past year marked the 70th anniversary for Triangle Tube, which opened its doors in 1946 as a supplier of tankless coils to U.S. boiler manufacturers. Though much has changed, one thing remains the same: the company’s commitment to the industry and its contractors.

One such example of commitment is through training. With its current four training facilities in North America — Blackwood, N.J., Denver, Toronto, Vancouver and British Columbia — all fully equipped with operating boilers fully functioning, Triangle Tube’s continued emphasis on education can be seen with a new training facility—from the offices of a manufacturer’s rep in the Chicagoland area.


Chris Turnbull conducts a training class.

Triangle Tube’s believes that—besides trial and error—classroom training is arguably the best foundation for producing knowledgeable service professionals. It arms you with the tools necessary to quickly troubleshoot any issues you may encounter in the field. “You can look at a boiler and it’s not complicated; we want to look at it with a more simplistic view,” said Chris Turnbull, Technical Support/Training, Triangle Tube.


Assembly of Triangle Tube water heating equipment.

Continuing training for Triangle Tube is not just a way to keep contractors informed but it’s absolutely essential for the industry. Whether it’s the constant redesign of mechanical components for improved efficiencies, the modification of solid state controls for ease of use or just the changes in government regulations that occur every so often. Change in this industry is inevitable, thus a service professional that is well trained is a tremendous asset. “The investment is similar to that of new instruments or a service truck; it allows contractors to better serve their customers and build great relationships,” said Turnbull.


Challenger boiler

“Our philosophy at ACV Triangle Tube is that we’re ONE TEAM with ONE VISION contributing to ONE EXCELLENCE, and it is because of that belief that we place such a high value on training. Service professionals are not just selling products, they are addressing universal needs, educating homeowners, and creating a pleasurable experience for the communities they work in,” said Turnbull. According to Turnbull, while it is certainly a hefty investment for a manufacturer to promote, facilitate, and host training sessions for service professionals, the investment in the people and in the excellence they promote is well worth it.

Product Revamp

Understanding the importance of listening to customers to help provide better products and services, a revamp of Triangle Tube’s product line in 2015 could be attributed to contractor feedback. The 95% AFUE, wall-hung condensing Challenger boiler, for example, features a higher efficiency rating which now allows homeowners to be eligible for many state/tax rebates. The higher turndown makes the unit more compatible with low heat losses while retaining the 3GPM domestic hot water capability. There were also changes in the domestic hot water activation that’s helpful in low flow and positive off situations.


Marquis tankless

It was common practice to buy a bulky traditional tank in order to offset costs. In an effort to increase overall product efficiencies, new federal regulations have been put in place, which have driven up the cost of the standard domestic hot water tank, explains Turnbull. The 180 & 199 MBH Marquis on-demand water heater has a much smaller footprint, little to no stand by loss, and has the ability to heat large quantities of water. This makes heating domestic hot water much more efficient. “The cost of the unit along with the cost of the installation, in many cases, is less expensive than the replacement of a 40- or 50-gallon tank,” said Turnbull.

Check out Triangle Tube at the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas, January 30-February 1.

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