Valuable Time Saved with use of Viega in Apartment Building

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Using Viega MegaPressG, ProPress and the PureFlow System at a senior apartment facility shaved days off installation for Elite Mechanical.

The Vineyard at Broadmore in Nampa, Idaho, is a 30-unit facility that offers one- and two-bedroom apartments for residents 55 and older. Brian Watson, owner of Elite Mechanical, and his team installed Viega products in the building, which is phase two of this development. He said the savings in time were truly tangible.

“We saw in the first building [a crew] hand-threaded the same sized building as this one, and we were at least two weeks faster,” Watson said. “We were able to complete the gas system for the whole building in two and a half weeks with four guys, and sometimes we were pinned in some small closets. It’s thousands of feet of gas pipe, probably 250 to 300 fittings.

“It’s really nice when we pressure test with air and the gauge doesn’t move – you run the risk with threading that if somebody didn’t get it quite tight enough, you’re tearing the building apart to fix it. With Viega, we can be confident that we won’t have any problems.”

The building also uses Viega PureFlow PEX Press products and used transition fittings to go to the copper main coming into the building.

The project originally only specified the usage of PEX, and Watson pushed for Viega PureFlow PEX, saying that he’s “selective” in his products. He also approached the engineer for the building about using MegaPressG, and it was later approved.

Elite Mechanical has been using Viega products for more than a decade, with MegaPress being the newest addition to the company’s repertoire, Watson said.

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