3 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Construction Industry

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If you own your own construction firm, then you’ll know that the key to client retention and repeat business is excellent customer satisfaction. However, working with a team of tradesmen doesn’t always naturally result in excellent customer service for your clients. You’ll need to coach your team into specific ways of working that ensure your customers are always leaving you with positive reviews and recommending your firm to friends and family. Here’s how.

Remove Excess Waste From Site

Being in the construction industry means that you and your team will often be dealing with a ton of scrap metal waste. In which case, you might wish to consider a way to dispose of these materials more efficiently. Scrap metal bins are dropped off at your location and later collected to be taken away for you. Alternatively, you can request ongoing replacement bins, which is ideal for larger projects. 

These skip bins are often collected promptly and come in a range of sizes, meaning there is an appropriate bin for every job and no longer a need for excess waste to be cluttering up a client’s site. Using a scrap metal service can also help you and your team to be more efficient, as you don’t need to waste time going off-site to remove excess materials and waste. However, the main benefit will be that your customer doesn’t have to look at an untidy site whilst you’re working, leaving them much more likely to be satisfied with your work.

Treat Your Customer How You’d Want To Be Treated

This is a bit of an old adage, but treating others as you’d like to be treated yourself is a surefire way to build positive personal relationships. Your whole team need to be practicing this way of working to ensure maximum customer satisfaction too. Knowing your client’s name and regularly using it when speaking with them is always a nice personal touch that improves relations between them and your construction firm. 

Pay attention to your customer and their needs and wants – even the small details. You want to make them feel valued and that your sole focus is on their project and the task at hand. Remember the little things, like turning up on time – but not too early so as to disturb your customer – and always work your hardest, putting in an honest day’s work every day.

Take On Good & Bad Feedback

Sometimes, there will be hiccups along the way and your customer will have some negative feedback for you and your team. While it’s much more preferable to be receiving positive feedback, this can’t always be the cause – whether it’s been your firm’s fault or not. What’s important is to avoid playing the blame and understanding where your client is coming from. Remember the customer is always right

The benefit of receiving negative feedback is that you can learn where to improve and put things into practice, thereby elevating customer satisfaction amongst other clients as a result.

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