Wrencher Bag: The new plumbing bags from VetoProPac

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VetoProPac has gone full throttle with these new plumbing bags, the Wrencher series. The bags are available in three sizes: medium compact (Wrencher MC), large compact (Wrencher LC) and the behemoth XL as shown in the video.

The customizable storage panels [V-Swap panels] make the Wrencher bags more versatile. The overall build quality is as high or even higher than we have come to expect from Veto with new materials like the rubberized fabric lining the top edge of the bag and the new drop zones for the vertical storage on the bag perimeter.

With well over ten years of real life on the job use of various Veto bags I can personally attest to the materials and build quality of their bags; these show promise to be as good as all the bags that came before them. As stated at the end of the video, do the math if you’re turned off by the prices. Other popular tool bags in the market easily price out at the $100 level, in almost every case those are made of inferior materials so replacement comes much sooner than these bags. I have two OT bags that are coming up on 15 years old and showing no sign of stopping. I very much doubt there are other bags on the market that would measure up.

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