TYTAN Coat & Seal Duct Sealant

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Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 2.10.14 PMSelena USA’s new TYTAN Coat & Seal Duct Sealant (www.TYTAN.com) is a hybrid technology with superior sealing properties and a number of features and benefits not found with existing duct sealants. From the response at the recent AHR Expo, it looks to be the duct sealant of choice for OEM duct work fabricators and on-site residential and commercial installers, and is sure to help them build with confidence – video: https://tytan.com/media/try-tytan/Coat-and-Seal/.

The vast majority of competitive products are water based. But since TYTAN Coat & Seal Duct Sealant uses a hybrid technology, it can be applied on wet surfaces, even in standing water or in extreme weather situations, so it also works well as an emergency repair product. The no-shrinking technology also provides superior coverage since the leading competition shrinks by at least 40%. It also doesn’t drip or string like many duct sealants on the market today.

The hybrid technology cures through drawing moisture from the air, instead of moisture evaporation like the water-based competition. Water-based sealants shrink as they cure and may crack in extreme conditions. It also means they cannot be used on wet surfaces or be used in a place where they may be exposed to moisture within the first 24 to 48 hours. TYTAN Coat & Seal doesn’t shrink or crack and remains permanently flexible. Flexibility is important during transportation of large duct units for commercial projects or when it is raised up on top of a commercial building by a crane. It is also important during normal building shifts, vibrations, or as materials settle after installation.

Another important feature, TYTAN Coat & Seal Duct Sealant is the only duct sealant that can be applied using a sprayer that can be hooked up to a standard compressor. Water-based duct sealants can be spray applied, but they use dedicated sprayers that are very large and difficult to move around, and can cost up to $7000-plus. TYTAN’s spray applicator can be used to spray on, or apply a bead, quickly and easily with no added cost for a dedicated sprayer.

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