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Bradford White Water Heaters pocket catalogs now use QR technology to ensure quick access to most up-to-date product specs, manuals, and other documents Bradford White Water Heaters, an industry-leading manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and storage tanks, introduces new printed and digital pocket catalogs that use QR codes to ensure contractors and distributors have quick access Read more

https://youtu.be/Nj31KASiW7w Standard anode rods are sacrificial devices meant to protect tank water heaters from corrosion and failure. Annual maintenance on tanks is typically not carried out resulting in the depletion of the anode rod and corrosion buildup in the tank. Either replacing an old anode rod with new or replacing with a power anode rod Read more

https://youtu.be/ZSDNnJmsl78 After nearly 25 years in the plumbing & heating industry I can say with confidence I’ve heard just about all there is to say about tankless, right or wrong…most of it wrong! In this video I go over 8 separate myths that are commonly said about tankless. With each myth I give facts and Read more

A.O. Smith, a leading water heater manufacturer, has donated 200 water heaters for Waverly, Tenn. flood relief efforts. The units will be provided to flood victims who are still rebuilding eight months after storms ripped through the town on Aug. 21, 2021. “At A. O. Smith, we are deeply committed to supporting our local communities,” Read more

We recently asked some of the major players in the phvac markets to give us their feel of how the economy, supply chain, etc. plays out for 2022. We caught up with Bradford White’s Bruce Carnevale, president and CEO, and here are his thoughts on the rest of the year and beyond. MH: We’ve all experienced Read more