thermal imager

Myself and ProStaff contractor Andy Mickelson @mick_plumb have each been using the newest RIDGID tool to join their already mega huge offering. RIDGID’s thermal imagers are definitely well thought out and made with very high-end components, that’s good considering they carry the Lifetime Warranty @ridgidtools is famous for among plumbing and mechanical contractors. There Read more

ProStaff’er Andy Mickelson and I are working with the new RIDGID (@ridgidtools) RT-9X thermal imager. RIDGID’s thermal imagers have a new pixel shift technology which effectively doubles the resolution of the camera. The RT-9X (the highest end model of four imagers) has 320×240 pixel resolution standard w/ 640×480 pixel resolution in SuperResolution mode. The processing Read more

Affordable Infrared?

Infrared radiation, or simply infrared or IR, is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and is therefore invisible without specialized imaging devices that can detect and display the electromagnetic radiation. Infrared imagers have long been available to consumers and professionals but at no point in history has this technology been Read more

My number 6 pick for 2016 is the SEEK CompactPro thermal imager for iPhone & Android. I’ve been using this tiny little powerhouse of an imager for months and each time I’m impressed at not only the advancement of thermal imaging technology and accompanying software but the many levels in which interested buyers can get Read more