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When he’s not competing in his bowling leagues, or spending time with his family, you can find Trey Young on Instagram @iplumbit documenting his residential plumbing work in new construction. And his Instagram success is not only in the work he shows off, but I have to think that it’s in the music he selects Read more

A Rolls Royce with a Veto Pro Pac tool bag in the trunk. Now that’s pretty drippy. For Moe Hirsch, Moes Consulting and Mechanical Services, Rockland County, N.Y., his bucket list item is a good representative mix of work and swaggy. Hirsch basically started off in the trades when he joined his cousins, who were plumbers Read more

Recently, the industry celebrated National Women in Apprenticeship Day—part of National Apprenticeship Week—which coincides with the signing a year ago of the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure. Increasing the number of women in apprenticeship and the jobs created by the BIL go hand in hand. The BIL’s Read more

While he’s not busy with his day job working on hydronic heating systems, commercial and residential plumbing, backflow prevention and gas work, Chris Massaro (@nwo_plumber) loves playing guitar and recording music. Admiring the recent tattoo to commemorate his daughter’s birth, “I was in a bunch of bands throughout high school and recorded an album once Read more

You might say his affinity for the Bonsai arts helped channel his inner Zen, patience and attention to detail. But you’d have to ask him yourself. “I studied Bonsai for years, even went out to Oregon to study the craft,” says Tom Castagna, install department supervisor, Modern Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, Milford, Conn. Working Read more