Today, many people aspire to start a career in the IT field. Such specialists are in great demand, and also receive high wages. Thus, even children from an early age understand where they need to strive to build a profitable career. However, not every person is born to work in the office at the computer Read more

Plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers, bricklayers, painters and decorators are just a few of the trades that the UK relies on, but a new report has revealed a decline in the number of workers in these trades. The trade trends report 2021 released by Skills Training Group has analyzed 16 years worth of data from the Office for Read more

The 2020 Marcum JOLTS Analysis of construction employment trends reports that the industry is beginning to experience labor market tightness as it begins to recover from the recession caused by COVID-19.  Job openings fell to 195,000 in December, equal to roughly 2.6% of the available construction positions. The annual Marcum report, which was released today by the Firm’s national Construction Read more

Make the Pledge

We all know the advantages afforded to any country when its people are working. It’s simple; when there are high numbers of employment spending and ownership follows. We have finally begun to see a comeback in both the service and new construction industries, residential and commercial/industrial. But there is always room for improvement in the Read more