Cloud Based

The business landscape is changing. Long gone are the days of filing cabinets bulging with documents and noisy modems. We are living in the future, and we are constantly seeing new technologies and working practices that are reshaping organizations worldwide. One development that has been in use for several years, but is still growing in Read more

Temperature and humidity management are vital parts of HVAC and building operations. To help facility managers ensure that conditions stay within required parameters, Sensaphone® has added a new combination sensor to its line of remote monitoring equipment for HVAC and building automation applications. Because this new combination sensor communicates via Modbus, it is used exclusively with Read more

Shun Fat Supermarket Adopts Polar Technology’s Cloud Based Refrigerant Management Solution, TrakRef® Polar Technology, the leading provider of refrigerant management solutions, is pleased to announce that Shun Fat Supermarket is implementing a cloud-based solution called TrakRef®. Shun Fat Supermarket is a California based supermarket which specializes in selling a wide range of imported grocery items Read more