Training in 2024 is just as important as ever. How do you integrate training, education and continued learning with today’s busy contractor? Power Points, sales pitches and doughnuts. Tried and true methods of training gone by, that’s for sure. But what does today’s training look like, especially in the purview of the younger generation of Read more

On the opening day of the AHR Expo in Chicago—Monday, January 22—the crew from Mechanical Hub was fully immersed in the very first Coffee with Caleffi Live from the Caleffi booth. There, emcees John Mesenbrink and Tim talked with industry powerhouses John “Siggy” Siegenthaler, Bob “hot Rod” Rohr, Eric Aune and Andy Mickelson about the Read more

Max Rohr has been appointed Director of Education and Technical Marketing, a newly created function within Caleffi North America, Inc. In this capacity, Rohr will lead the ideation, development and execution of Caleffi’s training platforms including the idronics™ design journal series, Coffee with Caleffi™ monthly webinars, Caleffi Academy field training and Ask Caleffi blog and podcasts. He Read more

Domestic hot water (DHW) design is critical to optimize energy efficiency, while reducing water waste.  Guest host Christoph Lohr, P.E. will detail the policies, standards, and credentials that can help designers and installers navigate the waters. He will discuss these ten critical issues related to DHW design: → Definition: Recirculating vs. Circulating → Automatic Balancing Valves vs Read more

Can a hydronic system effectively – and efficiently – provide heating, cooling, domestic hot water AND heat recovery ventilation in a residential home?  John Siegenthaler, P.E., a favorite to the webinar series, will discuss design details, challenges and lessons learned from a from a recent project profile of a modern hybrid approach utilizing an air-to-water heat Read more