New book by the KickCharge® Creative president and leading authority on disruptive marketing for service businesses provides invaluable blueprint for driving growth with branding Dan Antonelli, creative director and president of KickCharge® Creative and a pioneer in disruptive branding for the home service industry, shares critical insights that help small service business owners grow in his new Read more

Individual contractors are forced to build their own brands influenced by their specific industry, this can be an intimidating but equally rewarding process. For small business owners and service contractors, it’s important to not only begin your business adventure but to build your brand. Developing growth for your business can take time, but there are Read more

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Your business is always within the public eye whether that’s online or offline and so it’s important that you think about ways in which you can improve its appearance where necessary. There are always ways to help your business grow in its success and oftentimes, it can rely on what you do for its appearance Read more