Simplify Water Heater Servicing and Installations with DWHSV

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The patent-pending Dielectric Water Heater Supply Valve™ (DWHSV) simplifies the installation and service of any water heater. It combines a dielectric union, a ball valve, and a ½” FIP port into a single forged dezincification-resistant brass body. This valve easily joins the water heater and distribution piping, isolates the unit for service, and offers integrated ports for the installation of a vacuum breaker and temperature gauge if so desired. It features ¾” FIP dielectric union ends for connection to the water heater, with a choice of FIP, MIP, sweat, press, or push ends to connect to system piping.

For those areas where an expansion tank is also required, the DWHSV with Expansion Tank Service (DWHSV-X) is a fully integrated solution. Designed for the most complete water heater installation, the DWHSV-X features an extended arm with a ¾” FIP port and ¾” capped hose drain for the simplified installation and future service of the expansion tank. This robust alternative to field fabrication replaces 16 components, eliminates 15 leak paths, and saves over 2 hours during the installation. To support the additional weight, mounting hardware is also included.

Both models feature lead-free dezincification resistant forged brass construction, support hardware, and an optional ½” MIP vacuum relief valve. Learn more:

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