Side By Side Review: Leaning Ladders

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Leaning Ladders

I’ve decided to give a new idea a try, side-by-side reviews of similar tools when I have them. I know technically its not a new idea but I have resisted in the past because its can be too easy to be one-sided or bias. Oh well, I’m human and so are you so let’s be real here. We all have an opinion on something, in this case I will make sure I give each tool a fair shot and run it thru its paces so I can report back truthfully, as I would for a stand alone review.

This style of step ladder is relatively new to the construction world. Convertible ladders have been around for years but previous models have always been cumbersome and heavy making which often resulted in strain and/or injury in transport and use. This style ladder is intended to be used primarily as a step ladder but can quickly and easily be converted into a short extension ladder when needed. Both have some unique features when compared to the typical step ladder, like the ability to fit between studs in a rough wall for example.

Please watch the video for a close look and overall opinion from me on the two main offerings in the leaning, convertible ladder space.

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