Serve Up the Perfect Mix of Heated Water with Bradley’s New Digital Mixing Valve

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When it comes to delivering safe, heated water in commercial applications, such as schools, hospitals and hotels, the importance of reliable and precise temperature control cannot be overstated. That’s where Bradley — and advanced temperature control technology — come into the mix.

Bradley introduces its new Navigator® digital mixing valve to elevate temperature control and hot water system safety. This new model delivers precise temperature control and programmable features. Engineered with advanced technology to deliver and maintain water temperatures within +/- 3º F, even during low and zero demand periods, the digital valve maximizes safety and efficiency for domestic hot water systems.

The valve’s intuitive controller allows proactive temperature control by setting the temperature for normal operation and scheduling periodic thermal disinfection cycles. Data logging and BMS integration allow for convenient remote monitoring to ensure the proper water temperature is being distributed, eliminating the risk of elevated temperatures and scalding.

Customizable thermal disinfection system

To keep water clean and safe, the automatic daily ball rotation feature removes scale to keep the valve running smoothly while reducing cleaning and maintenance time. The valve’s exclusive, programmable weekly thermal disinfection system — with four programmable settings — raises temperatures to kill Legionella and other harmful bacteria. After disinfection, the system will automatically flush hot water and reset for daily use.

The tight temperature control, remote monitoring capabilities, and easy-to-program thermal disinfection system make the valve ideal for larger domestic hot water systems such as schools, hospitals, hotels and apartment buildings.

The S59-5000 series valve is available in five models ranging from 3/4” to 2” in size. Two valves can also be combined into a manifold system to deliver even higher flow rates up to 409 GPM at 20 psi drop.

Each model comes complete with valve, actuator, mixed and return sensors, mixed temperature gauge and controller for a comprehensive ready-to-install package. All materials are 100% factory assembled and tested.

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Bradley’s Dual Use Thermostatic Mixing Valve

As the industry-leading manufacturer of lead-free thermostatic mixing valves and tepid water delivery solutions, Bradley offers another reliable and convenient mixing valve option:  The Navigatorâ Valve for Emergency Eyewash and Faucet (model S19-2010). This innovative 2-in-1 model delivers safe water temperatures to commercial faucet applications and emergency safety eyewash fixtures. With two valves in one, this model saves installation time and conserves space under sinks. During regular faucet use, the TMV delivers tempered water for uses such as handwashing; in an emergency, it delivers ANSI/ISEA-required tepid water.

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