Reznor Introduces the new Huracan series of “Heat Recycling” Destratification Fans

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De-carbonization starts with energy savings

During the HuracanTM Kickoff Celebration, REZNOR announced immediate availability of Huracan Destratification Fans, enabling North American owners of Commercial & Industrial Buildings to upgrade their building’s air comfort and lower their heating operation costs.

The Huracan fans come in four sizes that accommodate ceiling heights from 10-60 feet, covering almost all warehouses, commercial box stores, factories, athletic facilities and other large buildings, especially ones with obstructions like signage or lighting or power drops from ceiling. The new Huracan fans are designed to be installed in around 20 minutes, depending on the electrical source:

  • They are lightweight – 22-43 lbs
  • Have multi-position hanging brackets – only two threaded rods needed
  • Have low power consumption (0.2-1.3 Amps)
  • Existing 115, 208, 277,and 280V electrical can be utilized in most cases
  • Designed to ASHRAE ANSI 55
  • They can be controlled with these methods:
  1. On/Off Wall Switches
  2. Unit mounted thermostats
  3. Thermostat controlled – up to 5 units in a zone
  4. Multistage thermostat in combination with unit heaters or other space heating equipment
  5. Sophisticated thermostatic interfaces that are compatible with most Building Management System protocols

The Huracan Destratification Fans are quiet (36-41 dba). They also feature an aesthetic, appliance grade, white steel finish that blends unobtrusively into the ceiling structures. When combined with Reznor’s newly-updated unit heater line, both heating options complement each other stylistically.

Destratification Energy Saving

Large buildings with taller ceilings all struggle with winter heat stratification as warmer air rises toward the ceiling. The Huracan Destratification Fans recycle warm air back down to the occupied space, which results in better air comfort, and less space heating run time of up to 30-50%.

“As energy efficiency becomes more important,” said Glen Steinkoenig, Product Manager, “the Huracan Destratification Fans will play a significant role in total operational efficiency for buildings, reducing their carbon footprint and creating more comfortable environments.”

Huracan Destratification Fans Availability

Huracan Destratification Fans, H Series are available for orders. For more information, Huracan Destratification Fans details are available on Reznor Sales Reps and Wholesale Distributors can assist in job specifications, sizing and placement.

Founded in 1888, REZNOR, of Nortek Global HVAC, LLC, is the worldwide leader in Specialized Commercial Heating Solutions. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to “Make the World Safer, Healthier, and More Productive”.

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