Navien celebrates 1 million condensing units sold

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Costa Mesa, Calif. — On a night when employees’ heads were held high, the entertainment was rich and laughs were loud, Navien—a global leader in condensing technology—celebrated a remarkable feat—one million condensing units sold. “Our model is one of simplicity. We provide the best product to the trade and only through a limited number distribution partners. This model allows us to remain close to our true customer—the professional contractor,” says Scott Lee, CEO, Navien Inc. “We feel that if we build the best products available and support them with a committed and highly skilled team, we cannot help but succeed,” continues Lee.

To help reach this remarkable achievement, Navien sees the relationship with its wholesale partners as extremely important. The only way Navien products can be purchased is through an installing contractor. “Unlike some of our competitors, we are committed to wholesale distribution only and do not sell to retailers, big box stores or through the Internet,” says Lee.


KD Navien’s CEO worldwide, Joon Kee Hong, signs the actual one millionth unit during the celebration.

Education, says Lee, is the most important factor in understanding Navien’s product value and the value of green building innovations. That starts with the professional contractor and Navien’s commitment to training. “In order to join the trend toward condensing/high-efficiency technology, contractors will need to be trained,” says Lee.


Scott Lee

“As the leader in condensing technology, we will train more than 25,000 individuals this year of the advantages of condensing products, and specifically on the installation advantages of Navien products. Knowledge we are happy to share,” continues Lee.

KD Navien Chairman Sohn relayed a congratulatory message to the crowd, “We can see that our products are becoming more recognized and have become the market standard in North America.”

Yet challenges do exist. “Our market competitors have been researching the advantages of our product and adapting them into their own,” wrote Sohn.

Overall, throughout the night, one could feel the employees’ incredible spirit exuding from the company’s momentous occasion. They are proud of the evolution of the company and its subsequent success. Think about that for a moment, one million condensing units sold. Pretty remarkable.



Xplore, the local “hip hop” martial arts crew provided the very unique and cool entertainment for the night.


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