Milwaukee M12 3″ Cut Off Tool Review

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The M12 FUEL™ 3″ Compact Cut Off tool isn’t for me. I’m not one to hate on much of anything. I try to give all the tools a fair shake. I also realize that some tools just won’t cut it for what I do, pun intended.

The M12 FUEL™ 3″ Compact Cut Off tool has been praised by so many “influencers” online that I thought it was just me and my sudden, out-of-the-blue inability to properly run a small battery tool or something because I think this thing is not great at best.

M12 FUEL 3" Compact Cut Off Tool

M12 FUEL 3″ Compact Cut Off Tool


Should this be 18V?

It’s somewhat under-powered in my opinion. Yes, even for a 12V tool. I say that because the performance we have enjoyed from so many other brushless M12 tools has set a benchmark for new tools like this. I literally have gone on record multiple times saying the M12 FUEL Impact driver is one of my favorite tools and has all but completely replaced my M18. Maybe circular cutting, in such a compact design, is better suited for the M18 platform? Nevertheless, this could be a very useful for light work, I’m not sure it’s suited for any of my light work, or what light work is and where to find it.

It stalled out three times cutting the outer pipe of the Centrotherm Innoflue boiler venting in the video. That outer pipe is about a 12 or 13 ga steel with a welded butt seam. It’s sturdy pipe but nothing this tool shouldn’t be able to handle. It handles it, but slowly.

How I used the 3″ Cutoff Tool

I think there are some people who literally just like everything someone gives them for free in hopes that they’ll continue to get free things. Imagine that. This tool was given to me. I don’t love it, it’s just not a good fit for anything I’ve tried to use it for. Those uses have been cutting tile to access a shower valve, cutting copper tubing, cutting threaded rod (don’t even try this unless you have way too much time), cutting sheet metal, cutting vent pipe as shown in the video. Again, nothing sugarcoated from me, just a reminder that I work as a plumbing and heating contractor.

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